Jinge as A Blessing for Men

2017-08-31 12:16:05 GPHL GPHL

Jinge has been become the increasingly popular burning issue and the focus of attention for the community as the first "Chinese Viagra". What have aroused the public's interest most is whether Jinge could withstand the severe market challenge fights to hold the market share rapidly, cut off by foreign invested enterprises in the front line and pursued by other domestic Viagra products in the rear.

Fortunately, the best answer has lain both in its proud achievement in over 700 million yuan sales on retail price for the market in the first year, and in the experimental result that Jinge shows bioequivalence to the original product, from the research carried out by Xiangya Hospital of Central South University.

Guangzhou Pharmacy Baiyunshan vice General Manager Wang Wenchu has personally guided his team to carry out a set of research on marketing planning before Jinge came into the market, including the definition of brand essence, packaging design, pricing  system design, market orientation strategy and ect, which fully embody the application of innovative thinking.

The name Jinge takes well into account both product functional attributes and cultural tradition, which sounds both imaginative and domineering. In fact, "ge" was a weapon used by ancient Chinese warriors, and the name "Jinge", celebrated for how it showed great ambition, came from a well known sayings in Yong Yu Le·Jinkou Beigu Pavilion Nostalgia written by Xin Qiji, the literary giant in the Southern Song Dynasty. Obviously, it goes without saying that the implication was embedded in the name "Jinge" given to Baiyunshan "Viagra".


Nobel Winner Doctor Ferid Murad joined Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings and created legends of Jinge again.

Normally how to plan medical marketing should follow rational routes, but Jinge is different from common medicine because it is the privacy product especially for Chinese males who are too traditional to seek the solutions to problems of "sex inability" as their secret. Thus people will be ashamed to use the medicine if it is sold as medicine for treatment, and then the general direction in following the route of sensibility marketing was determined and correspondingly was applied to the packaging design, based on the Insight.

Baiyunshan General Pharmaceutical Factory audaciously introduced a cigarette packaging designing company to devise the packing box of Jinge. The previous style of the packaging mainly in such cold colors as blue and white was changed, meanwhile, the packaging was designed as a cigarette mainly in golden, made of hologram paper coming from special materials, and finally the overall feeling was glittering, passionate and powerful. On the other hand, the tablet was designed in pink, of which the "pink" figure was printed on "luxuriously golden" packaging, and so how the pattern and color were matched could arouse romantic imagination and create warm atmosphere.

The success in Jinge depended chiefly on whether it could expand the market quickly, and there should be two vital factors that one is price reduction and the other is marketing education both for doctors and patients in andrology, such as training doctors and educating patients to seek medical care and take the medicine by dissipating their erroneous understanding. Hence it is necessary to look out for the comparatively rational balance of Jinge's price between consumers' affordability and the enterprise's education cost on market extension. Vice General Manager Wang creatively proposed the conception "the sum of single dose".

The sum of single dose of Jinge was then reduced to RMB 48 yuan. Specifically, with each tablet as low as 34.5 yuan in a box of 10 tablets, the price of Jinge successively beached psychological 100 and 50 yuan barriers, dropping to 60 percent lower than the original product. As a consequence, the market of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang health products sold at 50 to 100 yuan was hit by Jinge with curative effect. Price is the key reason for consumers to prefer Jinge and then laid the foundation for Jinge to rapidly open the market.

News was utilized pretty successfully as the sharp weapon to publicize Jinge during the marketing, and it took just three months to convene three press conferences efficiently. They made the best use of situation that there were various discussion and speculation about "the first Chinese Viagra", and influenced the national media whose propagandas and reports made Jinge an instant conversation piece and then turned Jinge as the mundane into the sublime.

Just like a blasting fuse, Jinge caused that the attention about male health as the secret hidden in pepole's minds was disclosed, eliminated the misleading views that "Jinge is a monster", and help people pay more attention to the harm to male health and family harmony from ED, so to speak. According to the study on China Sexology Association's clinic statistical data, the consultation rate of ED has risen 3 percent in the recent year.


"Ge" was a sharp weapon used by ancient Chinese warriors, and "Jinge" symbolizes great unstoppable ambition.