Xia Sang Ju Refned According to Ancient Medicine Prescription

2018-04-04 11:24:46 GPHL GPHL

"Xia Sang Ju" comes from classic prescription "Sang Ju Yin" recorded in Differentiation and Treatment of Epidemic Febrile Diseases by Wu Jutong in Qing Dynasty. It is sweet and fresh, capable of heat-clearing and detoxifying. Xia Sang Ju is not a kind of plant. "Xia" is Xiakucao (prunella vulgaris), "Sang" is Dongsangye (mulberry leaf in winter), and "Ju" is chamomile. The prescription is made up of three herbs, prunella vulgaris, mulberry leaf in winter and chamomile.

Among them, prunella vulgaris is bitter, acrid and cold, which was received in Shen Nong's Herbal Classic  by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Prunella vulgaris can act on Liver and Gallbladder Meridians, with the effect on clearing liver-fire and then softening and resolving hard mass. Choosing mulberry leaf and chamomile as assistance, which both are gentle, cool, and good at clearing and purgative function, could clear heat and purg lung, and remove wind-heat of upper-jiao.

Together with prunella vulgaris, the surplus liver heat can be cleared to brighten eyes and eliminate vertigo, and also wind and heat can be removed to resolve symptoms.

Xia Sang Ju is created by Xing Qun Pharmaceutical Company through their exclusive secret craft.

The predecessor of Xing Qun Pharmaceutical Company was Guangzhou Xing Qun Chinese Medicine Refinery. In March 1950, celebrities of Guangzhou Chinese medicine industry proposed and raised funds to establish the first native Chinese medicine refinery, Guangzhou Xing Qun Chinese Medicine Refinery, which was located at Shibafu Road No.89 in Guangzhou City. At that time, founders had quite a purpose to use "Xing Qun" as the name of their enterprise. Chinese medicine refining was then a new industry and there was no other business like the factory.

Founders felt confident in their own business, and had an optimistic estimate on the market prospect of Chinese medicine refining. They expected that since Xing Qun was the first Chinese medicine refinery, then the second, the third and more refineries would be set up. The name "Xing Qun" has the moral of their refineries dotted everywhere.

Xia Sang Ju is not a kind of flower, and its main ingredients are Xiakucao (prunella vulgaris), Dongsangye (mulberry leaf in winter), and chamomile.

In 1980, foreign businessmen visited Xingqun and ordered three products, one of which was "Sang Ju Yin", the dry syrups by mulberry leaves and Chrysanthemums as raw materials. Our technical staff in the negotiation proposed that considering "Sang Ju Yin"as the traditional prescription including more than ten Chinese medicines except mulberry leaves and Chrysanthemums, since only the two kinds of herbs were used, the name would not be suitable, and it should be better to add Prunella vulgaris to it and give it the new name "Xia Sang Ju". Prunella vulgaris is the popular light drinking medicine in the society, and it provides people with better function such as clearing summer heat, dissipating dampness, antihypertensive-diuretic, and especially removing "Reqi" (heat) that people in Lingnan always get when it is cooked as drink in summer. The suggestion was approved by both sides, and they received the new name "Xia Sang Ju". In 1983, Xingqun Pharmaceutical Company modified and improved the technology of Xia Sang Ju.

Experiencing more than 30 years of market cultivation and baptism, Xingqun Xia Sang Ju Powder has been popular around South China and extended to Hong Kong, Macao, America and Canada, benefiting hundreds of millions people. It is well known that Xingqun Xia Sang Ju has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying and clearing liver and improving vision.

Of course, Xingqun Xia Sang Ju can benefit hundreds of millions people for more than 30 years, for its sophisticated, rational and scientific prescription, and also for its unique "secret tip"—the secret craft. The secret craft maintains several-thousand-year Chinese medicine theory and practice, which makes Xingqun Xia Sang Ju condense herbal essence used for thousands of years.

Its uniqueness is the best reservation of natural herbal effective constituent especially including aroma components making the medicine unique in characters (the color, aroma and taste) and internal quality. The secret craft makes the Chinese medicine fragrant and refreshing and have efficacy obviously better than other "Xinglin Tongbei" (peers' in the medical industry).

Nowadays, the quality standard of Xia Sang Ju Powder established by Baiyunshan Xingqun Company was received in Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 Version. Baiyunshan Xingqun Company always deserves to be the leader in the market of Xia Sang Ju products.

Xia Sang Ju became the necessary medicine for every Lingnan people's family.