Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Import & Export Company Limited

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Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Import & Export Company Limited (formerly known as Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Import & Export Company and hereinafter referred as GPIE), was approved by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality and was certified as an import and export business by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

In March, 2010, the company was transformed into a limited liability company and merged with the Yingbang Branch of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited and a member of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited.

GPIE has established a diverse portfolio of businesses including medical ingredient production and supply, patent medicine, biomedical drugs, traditional Chinese herbs, health care products, medical equipment, oil, coal and steel materials trading, furniture, wood, wine, delivery of Baxter products, delivery of Johnson & Johnson’s medical equipment and materials, transportation agency, goods import and export as well as technology import and export.

GPIE has implemented a standardized mode of management by establishing a well-designed corporate management system and an elite team consisting of experienced marketing personnel and logistics talent. Along the lines of the business principles of ‘cooperation, integrity and a win-win ethos’, the company is squarely aimed at realizing diversified development.

The enterprise’s core spirit is that of “unity, harmony and perseverance”, and it focuses on executing a holistic marketing strategy characterized by the following five platforms: purchase and sales of fuel oil and coal, purchase and sales of raw materials, purchase and sales of Chinese and western patent medicine, food and health care products, delivery of Baxter products, medical equipment and materials, and export and import. By establishing such platforms, GPIE is devoted to providing a professional, efficient, safe and value-adding service for both suppliers and end clients, achieving a win-win situation for all parties.

(Translator: Cheryl Ma; Editors: Simon Haywood, Olivia Yang, Monica Liu)