GPHL promotes roxburgh rose on livestream platform

2020-05-06 17:47:41 GPHL GPHL

On April 28th, the 2020 Guizhou roxburgh rose industry development forum and the ceremony for the release of 200 million RMB in beverage discount coupons was held in Guangzhou. Chinese renowned respiratory scientist Zhong Nanshan, among other experts and officials attended the event to discuss the future development of the roxburgh rose industry.

R&D group for the treatment of respiratory diseases with roxburgh rose

Professor Zhong Nanshan delivers a speech at the forum.

Zhong Nanshan believes that supplementing vitamin C is vital to human health. “Roxburgh rose might have the highest amount of vitamin C among all fruits, and the roxburgh rose beverage developed by GPHL tastes good,” Zhong commented, “We hope that more people in Guizhou can be lifted out of poverty and live a better life through the development of the roxburgh rose industry.”

The unveiling ceremony

With the aim of promoting the roxborgh rose industry in Guizhou, the Guizhou People’s Hospital, the Guizhou Respiratory Disease Research Institute and GPHL will jointly carry out a research project on roxburgh rose. In addition, an R&D group for the treatment of respiratory diseases with roxburgh rose led by Zhong Nanshan, was jointly set up by the Guizhou Respiratory Disease Research Institute and GPHL to conduct more in-depth studies on the function of roxburgh rose.

At the forum, GPHL, together with Zhong Nanshan Medical Foundation, donated medication worth 1 million RMB to the Guizhou Red Cross to support the population of Guizhou in the fight against the pandemic.

The donation ceremony

Wanglaoji discount coupons worth 200 million RMB issued online

You can get the coupons giving a discount of either 15 RMB or 30 RMB on GPHL’s roxburgh rose products via the following platforms, including Wanglaoji’s flagship store on T-mall, Wanglaoji’s mall and ‘Suikang’ on WeChat’s mini program, as well as the online food ordering platform ‘Eleme’. You will get a discount along with the purchase link or QR code provided by the platform. The validity period of the coupons extends until June 27th, 2020. Don’t miss out.

The launch ceremony

In addition, GPHL’s chairman Li Chuyuan said that the company will donate 2 RMB from the sale of every 12 cans of roxburgh rose beverage or 4RMB from every 24 cans to help eliminate poverty in Guizhou.

The discount coupons

GPHL’s Chairman Li Chuyuan delivers a speech at the forum.

Zhong Nanshan and Li Chuyuan join a live stream to promote roxburgh rose products

After the forum, Professor Zhong Nanshan, GPHL’s Chairman Li Chuyuan and T-mall blogger Lie’er Baobei presented the roxburgh rose and its products via a livestream platform. World and Olympic Badminton Champion Xie Xingfang also joined the live steam through video chat to share her tips on indoor exercise and healthy cuisine during the pandemic with the audience.

Zhong Nanshan and Li Chuyuan on live stream

This was the first time for GPHL’s chairman Li Chuyuan to join a live stream. More than 2.58 million people watched the live stream, with over 8.35 million likes.

Authors: Monica Liu, Zoey Huang (intern)

Editors: Olivia Yang, Simon Haywood