Xiaochaihu Keli

2017-09-13 15:50:32 GPHL GPHL


Product: Xiaochaihu Keli

Company: Guangzhou Baiyunshan Guanghua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Ingredients: Bupleuri Radix, Scutellariae Radix, Pinelliae Rhizoma Praeparatum cum Zingibere et Alumine, Codonopsis Radix, Zingiberis Rhiaoma Recens, Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma, Jujubae Fructus.

Indications: Induce sweat to dispel heat, soothing liver and harmonizing stomach. Pattern of exogenous pattern invading lesser yang, manifested as alternating chills and fever, fullness in the chest and rib, poor appetite, vexation, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth, and dry throat.

Dosage and administration: Mixing in boiled water for oral taking. 1-2 packs, three times a day.

Package: 10g*10 Packs/4g*10 Packs (sugar free)