Li Chuyuan attends Huangpu Forum, discussing TCM development with overseas partners

2018-11-16 14:25:11 GPHL GPHL

The three-day Huangpu International Business Media & Think Tank Forum was held in Huangpu of Guangzhou from Nov 1st to 4th.

As a part of the China International Import Expo, the forum invited high-level representatives from global think tanks, heads of mainstream media organizations and business leaders, to discuss how to better tackle the challenges that face international development.

During the forum, Li Chuyuan, President of GPHL, attended a seminar and discussed on the topic,“modern economy and industrial technology innovation” with leading members of P&G, China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, AmCham South China.

Li Chuyuan said the development of technology poses higher requirement on the medical and healthcare industry. People’s demands are evolving from seeking medical treatment to health management and preventing diseases, which delivers great opportunities to healthcare enterprises like GPHL.

“Although traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine adopt different theological systems, they can be complementary instead of contradictory,” said Li, “healthcare companies could consider both Chinese and Western perspectives.”

In addition, TCM could give early treatment to diseases and lower medical costs. Li believed that TCM will be a mainstream in the future considering its curative effectiveness and and its effectiveness in cutting the country’s medical expenditure.

China has been focusing on developing TCM industry in recent years. During President Xi’s tour to Guangdong, he visited the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Co-operation between Guangdong and Macao in Zhuhai as his first stop, which again releases an important signal to support the development of the industry.

Being the biggest TCM manufacturer in China, GPHL owns 12 long-lasting TCM enterprises recognized by the national administration, 9 enterprises that are with more than one hundred years of history.  

As early as 2015, GPHL has signed cooperative agreements with Zhuhai’s TCM industrial park and University of Macau, aiming to boost international partnership.

In recent years, GPHL has been upholding the “Fashion TCM” strategy, adopting advanced technology and up-to-date marketing strategies to feed the market demands.

Under this strategy, GPHL has successfully activated a series of products such as Ban Lan Gen and Xiao Chai Hu (a type of traditional Chinese medicine that cures fever and improves the function of the liver and stomach).