Wanglaoji to launch Hua Cheng can version at Guangzhou Flower Market

2018-02-09 09:32:05 GPHL GPHL

Flower market [Photo by He Yineng]

Flower market, one of the most famous name cards of Guangzhou, has always been the most popular among people during the Spring Festival in Guangzhou. This year, traditional and modern flower markets will be set up across 11 districts in the city, featuring stalls selling flowers and plants to decorate your home, holding social welfare activities and even including special themed post offices for sending Chinese New Year greetings to friends and family far away.

As another name card of the city, GPHL’s Wanglaoji will launch its Hua Cheng can version at Guangzhou Flower Market to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It will also participate in the 2018 Spring Festival Parade and other Spring Festival celebrations as well as hold festive activities online.

Huahua (L) and Chengcheng

Hua Cheng can is named so for integrating two lovely mascots of the flower market, Huahua and Chengcheng, on Wanglaoji’s original red can, in the hope of sending the most auspicious Spring Festival greetings to all citizens and tourists.

Zhu Xiaoyi, Deputy Director-General of Guangzhou Publicity Department, said he was glad that GPHL’s Wanglaoji would launch the Hua Cheng can version at the flower market, and hoped more enterprises and brands could take part in the Spring Festival celebrations and go global.

Not long ago, Wanglaoji launched a commemorative version named after its brand birth year—1828 red slim can version to welcome the 190th brand anniversary and share Chinese herbal tea culture with consumers globally. Recently, it created a ‘black herbal tea’ customized for the youth. With the new Hua Cheng can version, Wanglaoji is taking another step in pursuit of Trendy TCM, getting more dynamic and closer with the youth.

(Author: Monica Liu; Editor: Olivia Yang)