GPHL gains clinical trial permission for class 1.1 new drug Ceftriamidine Sodium

2018-01-12 17:30:53 GPHL GPHL

On the evening of Jan. 1, GPHL announced that its Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory and Baiyunshan Chemical Pharmaceutical Factory have received permission from the China Food and Drug Administration to conduct clinical trials with their class 1.1 new drug Ceftriamidine Sodium and Ceftriamidine Sodium for Injection.

Ceftriamidine Sodium gained a US patent on April 20, 2010.

Ceftriamidine Sodium is the only new class 1.1 cephalosporin drug that has been allowed to be clinically trialed over the past two decades. It gained one US patent on April 20, 2010 and two Chinese patents. It is to treat pneumonia.

According to Pei Zejian, the manager of Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical’s General Factory, the factory has several class 1.1 new drugs and high-end generic drugs under research, in the fields of treating infection, Alzheimer’s disease and respiratory system ailments as well as tumor prevention.

The factory successfully developed the world’s first semi-synthetic cephalosporins—known as cefathiamidine with the corresponding proprietary intellectual property rights granted and have applied it to clinical practice for the first time, winning the factory second prize in the State Technological Invention Awards.

The planning map of GPHL's R&D headquarter building

Furthermore, it is of note that GPHL achieved a sales revenue of RMB 100 billion in 2017 and has 13 new drugs in category 1.1 under development, such as a vaccine treatment for hepatitis B, tumor preventatives and protein-based biological medication.

(Author: Monica Liu; Editors: Simon Haywood, Olivia Yang)