Guangzhou Baiyun Airport starts phase III expansion project

2020-10-09 11:20:14

The phase III expansion project of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport started on September 27th. It mainly includes two new runways, a 420,000 m² T3 terminal and an apron of more than 190 aircraft parking spaces, with an investment about 54.42 billion yuan.

After the completion, the airport's annual passenger throughput capacity and cargo throughput capacity will reach 120 million passengers and 3.8 million tons respectively, with an increase of 50% and 52%.

The building of T3 terminal is receiving much attention during this period. It will be built into a through transportation complex integrating aviation, highway, and railway (urban rail).

The outward appearance of the T3 and integrated transportation center.

It will work together with an integrated transportation center, and a parking building as the Second Terminal Area at the airport. While the previous T1 and T2 will be connected as the First Terminal Area.

The interior design of the T3.

In order to build a terminal building with smart services and management, new technologies such as 5G, big data, Internet of Things, and AI will be implemented in T3 to improve efficiency and travel experiences for passengers.

Featuring many parking places and high efficiency, T3 is designed with narrowing east and west wings, that makes the building more like a "kapok on the ground".

The importance of expanding the current Baiyun Airport

The outward appearance of the T3.

As one of the most important aviation hubs in China, in 2019, the Baiyun Airport route network had covered more than 230 destinations around the world, including over 90 international and regional destinations.

The airport saw an annual passenger throughput of 73.38 million passengers last year, accounting for nearly 33% of the total passenger throughput of the Greater Bay Area.

However, currently the airport has 3 runways and 2 terminals, with a designed capacity of 80 million passengers per year, which is close to saturation.

China aims to finish the building of a world-class cluster of airports in the Greater Bay Area by 2025, according to a new plan previously released by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

Experts believe that the airport's third-phase expansion project will serve for the above airports cluster construction and boost regional economic development.

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