What are the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines to the seniors?

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At present, Guangdong is proceeding with the COVID-19 vaccination for seniors aged 60 and above in an orderly manner. Some residents may wonder: the seniors in our family have a small range of activities, is it necessary for them to get vaccinated? Let's check it out!

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Q: The seniors in our family have a small range of activities, is it necessary for them to get vaccinated?

A: Yes, it is necessary. The coronavirus is highly infectious and easy to spread. Although the elderly do not leave the house as much, family members, visitors and social workers may bring them risk of infection. Older adults are more likely to get very sick and even death if infected with COVID-19.

After vaccination, it can be effective in reducing the risk of illness, severe illness and death. Therefore, for the elderly who rarely go out, if their physical health conditions meet the vaccination requirements, it is recommended to receive the COVID-19 vaccines.

Q: What are the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines to the seniors?

A: The elderly usually suffer from basic diseases, who are at higher risk of severe illness after being infected with the novel coronavirus. Although the protective effect of vaccination is not 100%, it can reduce the risk of infection and disease after vaccination, and significantly reduce the risk of severe illness and death after infection. It is recommended that elderly people who have no contraindications and meet the vaccination requirements receive the vaccines as soon as possible.

Q: Can the seniors with chronic diseases be vaccinated?

A: As long as the health condition is stable, people with chronic diseases who are well-controlled by medicines can also be vaccinated against the coronavirus. For example, people with high blood pressure can keep their blood pressure stable if they persist with taking medication, and they can consider vaccination. However, if you are undergoing the acute onset of chronic disease, during chemotherapy of malignant tumors, or acute diseases, it is recommended to postpone the vaccination.

Some areas will combine basic public health service items to carry out health screening for residents aged 65 years and above, as well as screening for high blood pressure and diabetes. Residents can go to the local community health service center for further information.

However, whether patients with chronic diseases can be vaccinated against the coronavirus requires a more comprehensive judgment. Before vaccination, it’s advised to truthfully inform the doctor of your health conditions, such as medical history, medication history and status, etc., so that the doctor can better judge whether you meet the vaccination conditions.

Guangdong CDC recommends seniors aged 60 and older to receive the COVID-19 vaccines in time, and those who have completed the full vaccination should be given booster shots as soon as possible at an interval of 6 months.

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