Guangdong to enter the hottest period this week

2020-07-17 16:59:00

Corresponding to "dog days" in American English, the hottest days of the year in China is called Sanfu (三伏天), 20-29 days after Summer Solstice. According to the Chinese solar terms, Sanfu usually appears between Minor Heat and End of Heat, divided into three phases: Toufu (头伏), Zhongfu (中伏) and Mofu (末伏).

In 2020, Sanfu days are 10 days longer than average years. The first phase of Sanfu will be between July 16th and 25th, the second phase will start on July 26 and go through to August 14, the third, and final phase will be August 15 to 24. This means, we will be entering "Sanfu" in one week.

2020 Sanfu Calendar

7-Day weather forecast for Guangzhou

July 15th (Wednesday), sunny, 28-35℃

July 16th (Thursday), cloudy and scattered showers, 28-35℃

July 17th (Friday), cloudy and scattered showers, 28-35℃

July 18th (Saturday), cloudy and scattered showers, 28-35℃

July 19th (Sunday), sunny, 28-35℃

July 20th (Monday), light rain, 26-31℃

July 21th (Tuesday), cloudy, 26-32℃

Recently, Guangzhou's highest temperature reached above 35 degrees. The city's 11 districts have all issued high temperature warnings. Local people should wear light-colored and breathable clothes, drink light salt water, Cantonese herbal tea, and mung bean soup. Do not overdo drinking cold drinks and avoid eating leftovers.

During the scorching days, Guangdong residents particularly feel a need to go to hospitals or community health service centers to receive Sanfu Tianjiu treatment. Sanfu Tianjiu, or Sanfu medicinal patch, is a bandage made of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believe that receiving Sanfu Tianjiu during the hottest summer days is effective for coughs, asthma and arthritis. It is a patchwork solution for winter ills in summer.

The treatment is based on the TCM principle of yin and yang, which believes the balance of both elements in the body is vital for good health. Sanfutie contains a paste of herbs that are "hot" in nature, and when applied to specific acupuncture points, usually on the back and neck, they replenish the yang elements.

2020 Sanfu Tianjiu Timetable

Place: Most hospitals and community health service centers in Guangdong.

Price: About 30 yuan each time.

Notice: People with severe hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, children under 3 years old, pregnant women, and people who are particularly sensitive to drugs are not advised to experience Sanfu Tianjiu treatment.

Author| Ariel

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