Don't do this when passing through the metro security!

2020-07-13 15:44:41

When passing through the metro security check, some passengers will lift the lead curtain at the exit of the X-ray security inspection machine to get their belongings back as soon as possible. Some even directly put their head or hands into the machine to pick up their bags. Is it right to do so? Will the security inspection machine pose a radiation hazard to passengers?

(Photo: Fu Chaojun)

How does the X-ray luggage inspection system work?

The X-ray luggage inspection system, also known as the cabinet X-ray system, is used to examine luggage entering the cabinet body with X-ray. When passenger's luggage enters the machine, the metro security staff can see an almost completely transparent image of the luggage on the monitor of the machine.

(Photo: Lu Li)

Is the luggage inspection system harmful to our health?

Based on the degree of potential damage to human health and the environment, the ray devices are classified into Class I, II and III from high to low, according to the "Classification of Ray Devices" issued by the Environmental Protection Department of the National Health and Family Planning Commission. The X-ray luggage inspection system belongs to Class III ray device, which generally does not cause radiation hazard to human body.

Additionally, the outer casing of the system has been wrapped with lead plates; the entrance and exit of the conveyor belt are also covered by lead rubber curtains. The safety interlock device installed on the system can ensure that all X-rays will immediately stop emitting when needed.

The X-ray luggage inspection system, therefore, will not cause any negative impact on the health or safety of either metro staff or passengers, including pregnant women.

(Photo: Fu Chaojun)

Don’t put your head or hands into the inspection aisle

Behavior including lifting the lead curtains or putting your heads and hands into the machine via the curtains are prohibited. Because when the lead rubber curtains are lifted, small amounts of X-rays will leak from the inside.

To avoid unnecessary exposure to trace radiation, passengers should adhere to the following guidance:

1.Try to reduce the waiting time while standing beside the X-ray luggage inspection machine. Do not stay for a long time.

2.Strictly follow the guidance to place your bags at the beginning of the conveyor belt and pick up your belongings at the end of the belt.

3.When the lead curtains are slightly lifted, do not reach for the bags immediately. Do not deliberately put your hand into the aisle or lean into it.

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