Refreshing Ciningji drink to beat the heat

2020-06-30 17:23:39 GPHL GPHL

In the summer months, temperatures soars high leaving everybody feeling sweaty and grouchy. Let's refresh our body with a bottle of lip-smacking Ciningji to beat the scorching heat!

Some reasons why Ciningji is your ideal summer beverage.

1. Rich in Vitamin C

Roxburgh rose fruit provides more than 2,000 milligrams of Vitamin C per 100 grams, 100 times more Vitamin C than lemons. It is hailed as ‘The King of Vitamin C’.

The combination of roxburgh rose fruit and lemons creates an incredibly refreshing taste. The vitamin C content in a bottle of Ciningji is about the equivalent in 9 lemons. It is a healthy drink to help you survive the summer heat.

2. A poverty alleviation approach

Roxburgh rose industry is one of the unique and advantaged industries in Guizhou, China. With the combination of financial measures and efforts on enhancing local industrial capabilities, GPHL helped Guizhou boost the roxburgh rose industry by developing the entire industrial chain, ranging from plantation to processing and marketing.

Ciningji is truly a great driver for poverty reduction. GPHL donates 2 RMB from the sale of each pack of 12 bottles, and 4 RMB from the sale of each pack of 24 bottles. Don’t miss out on this donation with purchase.

3. Celebrity endorsements

Zhong Nanshan, the public face of the country's fight against the pandemic, explained the benefits of roxburgh rose fruit.

Live-streaming KOL Li Jiaqi sold out Ciningji in a few seconds.

Live-streaming KOL Wei Ya promoted Ciningji.

Actor Timmy Hung, and Olympic couple Qin Kai and He Zi hosted a live broadcast to promote Ciningji.

4. Alcohol-free Ciningji mojito recipe


Lime: 1

Mint leaves: To taste

White sugar: To taste

Club soda: To fill the glass

Ice cubes

Ciningji: 60 – 70% of the glass


1. Put chopped lime and mint leaves and white sugar into the cup, and pound them

2. Put ice cubes into the cup, and pour Ciningji until the cup is two-thirds full. Finally, full the cup with soda.

Authors: Michelle, Monica

Editors: Jerry, Olivia