GPHL's Baiyunshan: winner of My Favourite Chinese Brand 2020

2020-06-23 11:41:30 GPHL GPHL

On June 10th, the award ceremony for 'My Favourite Chinese Brand' as well as the sample case release event on Leading Brands' Global COVID-19 Containment Efforts was held in Beijing.

With support from netizens, GPHL's famous brand, Baiyunshan, stood out from a total of 1,446 brands during a 45-day vote and was honoured with 'My Favourite Chinese Brand 2020'.

Additionally, GPHL was included on the list of the sample cases on Leading Brands' Global COVID-19 Containment Efforts among 304 candidates.

GPHL is one of China's largest pharmaceutical companies, largest Chinese patent medicine manufacturer, and the second state-owned company in Guangzhou with annual sales revenue of over 100 billion RMB. It adheres to a philosophy of 'Love for the World', and is committed to giving back to society and serving the people.

Authors: Michelle, Monica

Editors: Jerry, Olivia