GPHL tops the list of China’s Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies

2017-11-02 16:50:17 GPHL GPHL


The 2017 National Pharmacy Week & the 12th annual meeting of China’s Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies, organized by CFDA Southern Medicine Economic Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Institute), was held in Kunming, Yunnan on July 4. When the Institute released the list of 2016 China’s Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies GPHL came out on top.


Over recent years, GPHL has been devoted to implementing the concept of Grand Southern TCM by transforming the businesses from a marketing driven to an innovation driven approach. At present, with more than 13 new drugs in development, it is striving to become the pioneering, driving force spearheading Information Technology/Information Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Biopharmaceuticals (IAB) strategy in Guangzhou.


GPHL has strong core competency in pharmaceutical, especially pharmaceutical chemicals, TCM patent medicine, TCM decoction pieces and biological medicine. Furthermore, it also has tens of famous brands and products well-received nationwide, such as Baiyunshan Kangzhiba Antibiotics, Baiyunshan Zhongyi Xiaoke Pills (nourishing kidneys, supplementing qi and promoting the production of body fluids), Ban Lan Gen Granules (dispelling heat-toxins), Fu Fang Dan Shen Tablets (stimulating blood circulation and removing blood stasis) and the rabies vaccine.

GPHL is taking innovation as the core strategy of the pharmaceuticals industry  and is pushing Grand Southern TCM towards innovation driven upgrade of the industry by hiring a lot of domestic famous academicians and experts in the pharmaceutical industry.


This March, GPHL and Nanfang Hospital jointly founded Guangzhou Baiyunshan Nanfang Anti-tumor Biopharmaceuticals Holdings Limited to work on the development and application of new anti-tumor vaccines. The newly developed vaccine adopts world-leading innovative technology. The company has applied for 8 individual patents for this product alone.

GPHL and the team led by the academic Zhong Nanshan have discovered a new flu-resisting indole derivative which has been awarded national patents.

Recently, GPHL has made an exciting breakthrough in terms of TCM modernization and internationalization. Baiyunshan Hanfang botanical tumor preventative has been CEP approved by EDOM. The CEP is the European Union’s permit for drugs to enter the EU market.


Driven by a globalization strategy, GPHL is accelerating product output. Huatuo Zaizao Pills (promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, among other benefits) from Guangzhou’s Baiyunshan Qixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd have been rated the No.1 Chinese patent medicine for overseas export for more than 10 years now and are included in the medicine catalogue covered by the health insurance policies of many countries including Russia. Moreover, Wanglaoji now exports its products to 60 countries and regions.

GPHL has adopted two strategies for further development—capital and globalization, and will structure the layout of both overseas and domestic markets through M&A and joint stock.


Now, Guangzhou is focused on improving its reputation for creativity and allure as a city, and implementing IAB strategy. Li Chuyuan said that GPHL, as the largest pharmaceutical company in China, should take a proactive part in the IAB strategy and make it into the Fortune Global 500 Companies by 2020.


(Translator: Cheryl Ma; Editors: Simon Haywood, Olivia Yang, Monica Liu)