GPHL working with culture groups to explore fusion of Chinese medicine and fashion

2020-03-20 11:41:44 GPHL GPHL

GPHL is working together with both EXCEPTION de MIXMIND and Fang Suo Commune to design masks and healthcare products related to Chinese medicines, exploring innovative approaches for the promotion of Chinese medicine culture, and helping revitalize some long-established Chinese medicine brands.

On March 14th, these parties entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement at GPHL’s Shennong Caotang Museum.

Representatives of GPHL, EXCEPTION de MIXMIND and Fang Suo Commune pose for a photo at the signing ceremony.

EXCEPTION de MIXMIND is a well-known fashion company established in 1996. It seeks to fuse fashion and contemporary lifestyle. The Fang Suo Commune combines new aesthetics, new lifestyle and new culture in the form of multi-functional bookshops.

GPHL and EXCEPTION de MIXMIND will work together in different areas, such as developing healthcare products, masks, promoting Chinese medicine culture and aesthetic education.

EXCEPTION de MIXMIND chairman Mao Jihong attends the signing ceremony.

GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan (R3) attends the signing ceremony.

Meanwhile, the two parties will launch appropriate distribution channels, bring in each other’s products, expand existing distribution channels, and increase reach (the percentage of the consumers exposed to advertising placement).

At the signing ceremony, Li Chuyuan stated that GPHL had already spearheaded ‘Trendy TCM’ in 2016, and the group’s partnership with both EXCEPTION de MIXMIND and Fang Suo Commune is an extension of this philosophy. They want to offer consumers a healthy lifestyle by incorporating elements of Chinese medicines into fashionable clothing, accessories and daily supplies.

Representatives of GPHL, EXCEPTION de MIXMIND and Fang Suo Commune pose for a photo.

In addition, the two parties will build on the themes of fashion, health, eco-friendliness to further develop a variety of daily necessities, such as masks, sachets, eyes masks, home pillows, Chinese herbal soap and travel pillows incorporating Chinese herbs.

On the basis of the TCM education programme offered by the Shennong Caotang Museum, GPHL and EXCEPTION de MIXMIND will also develop cultural study courses that integrate young people’s aesthetic education with Chinese medicine culture, health preservation courses or publications, and jointly organize academic activities.

GPHL is now discussing future cooperation plans with Guangzhou Automobile Group. They plan to develop car perfumes incorporating Chinese herbs.

Authors: Michelle, Monica

Editor: Simon Haywood