846 passengers participate in Wanglaoji’s charity activity during the Spring Festival travel rush

2020-02-03 15:08:48 GPHL GPHL

On January 10th, Wanglaoji, in partnership with the Railway Administrators and Nanfang Daily, officially launched the eighth annual charity event to assist people in need to get home for family reunion during the Spring Festival travel season.

Departure ceremony at Beijing West Railway Station

Special guests and volunteers pose for a group photo on the platform.

The high-speed train named ‘Charity’ from Beijing to Shangqiu’s departure ceremony at Beijing West Railway Station was held at the same time, as the high-speed train named ‘Ciningji’ from Guangzhou to Mianyang also had its departure ceremony at Guangzhou Railway Station. 846 passengers on these two trains began their journey home.

Passengers playing games in the cabin.

Throughout the coaches beautiful paper cuttings adorned the windows, and gifts were placed on the tables. Attendants providing entertaining games to liven up the atmosphere.

65-Year-old Yao Xiuyun, a resident of Minquan County, was travelling from Beijing to Shangqiu. She said she spent most of the time taking care of her grandson in Beijing, and her biggest wish this year was to spend Chinese New Year along with her husband, children and grandchildren in her home town.

Yao Xiuyun is going home by high-speed train.

Passengers take a photo on the train from Guangzhou to Mianyang.

Three passengers celebrated their birthdays on the train. The oldest being 68 years old, the youngest just 5 years old. They were all overjoyed at the sight of birthday gifts.

Birthday party in the coach

The train departing from Guangzhou, travelled across Guizhou and arrived in Sichuan. Named after Ciningji, manufactured using Roxburgh rose, one of the cash crops grown in Guizhou. The crop was relatively unknown, so little progress had been achieved previously in market expansion.

Special guests take a photo near the train.

In response to Guangdong and Guangzhou’s initative to assist Guizhou, GPHL’s subsidiary Wanglaoji made use of its competitive advantages to help Guizhou develop the Roxburgh rose industry. The company addressed previous difficulties, and developed Ciningji mixed juice in just 98 days, successfully revitalising the Roxburgh rose industry.

Poster for Wanglaoji’s eighth charity activity during the Spring Festival travel rush

The high-speed train ‘Charity’ from Hangzhou will depart on January 15th.

Since it was launched in 2013, Wanglaoji’s annual charity activity during the Spring Festival travel rush has benefited more than 20 thousand people, who thanks to their help got home in time for the festival.

In addition to the two high-speed train departing on January 10th, there will be a further train from Hangzhou to Chengdu, which will depart on January 15th.

Author: Michelle Wang

Editors: Simon, Monica