GPHL makes a strategic partner of 2017 Fortune Global Forum

2017-10-10 16:06:03 GPHL GPHL

On February 15, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GPHL) and 2017 Fortune Global Forum Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony, held in Guangzhou, proved a great success.  


Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings and 2017 Fortune Global Forum Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Fortune Global Forum to be held in Guangzhou opens the door for GPHL to go global

December 2017 will see the Fortune Global Forum held in Guangzhou. As the southern gateway of China, Guangzhou has been an international trading hub for centuries; the epitome of China’s participation in the business of global trade. Without doubt, Guangzhou’s investment growth and business development initiatives are tremendously attractive for multinational enterprises.

GPHL is a large group company greatly supported by Guangzhou Municipality, ranked No. 187 among Top 500 Enterprises in China and is ranked at first place in the Top 100 from China’s Pharmaceutical Industry. It is accelerating the implementation of its internationalization strategy and heading towards the 100 Billion Club.

As the strategic partner of 2017 Fortune Global Forum, GPHL will also host the pharmaceutical and healthcare sub-forum; Wanglaoji is the official herbal tea for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum and Baiyunshan natural mineral water is the exclusive drinking water officially for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum.

According to Li Chuyuan, Chairman of GPHL, the partnership with Fortune Global Forum will help GPHL enhance the brand's international influence and gain more opportunities worldwide.


Li Chuyuan, chairman of GPHL delivers a speech at the Ceremony.  

GPHL announces its global value chain layout by conducting internationalization strategy

Internationalization is one of GPHL important strategy of GPHL during the 13th Five-year Plan. In the future, GPHL will implement capitalization and a go-global stratagem based on three directions—Scientific Management, Risk Control and Innovation-driven; it will further push forward industrial, asset and talent upgrades to further the development of four sectors including Grand Southern TCM, Grand Health Care, Grand Commerce and Grand Medical Treatment, and the cultivation of three new business formats: e-commerce, capital finance and medical equipment production.

By the end of 2015, GPHL had invested 200 million RMB in the first national TCM Internationalization Fund to support offshore registration, international market development and international cooperation for the quality TCM products under GPHL during the 13th Five-year Plan.

As the 13th Five-year Plan starts, GPHL has joined hands with many well-known multinational companies such as Ali Health, Boehringer Ingelheim, Siemens and Time Medical; it also introduced very many innovative ideas and technologies by reaching a cooperation agreement with China Silicon Valley; it established strategic relations of cooperation with Dong-A Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. in the field of consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, speeding up the capital output of GPHL.

Huatuo Zaizao Pills of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Qixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been the top rated Chinese patent medicine to be exported offshore for more than 10 years and it is included in the medicine catalogue covered by health insurance of many countries including Russia. Baiyunshan Jinge has already been registered in Mali. As a national brand with a history of over 180 years, Wanglaoji has already made a strong start on its internationalization strategy, straddling the globe with a brand value of RMB 108 billion.


Zhu Xiaoyi, deputy general director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee, congratulates on the partnership between GPHL and Time Inc.

In the spirit of craftsmanship: Wanglaoji makes a Chinese icon

As the official herbal tea of the Fortune Global 500, Wanglaoji will connect with global elites and share with them the unique charms of the ‘Oldest Chinese Herbal Tea Brand'.

Actually, Wanglaoji has participated in multiple worldwide talks, telling the story of a classic herbal tea brand. As early as the 1800s, Wanglaoji had already attended the international exhibition in London with its products selling at a price of 5 to 10 US dollars per beverage. In 2015, Wanglaoji stepped on the stage of Davos twice in the same year. Besides, when the bell rang for the end of 2015, Wanglaoji also appeared at Times Square, offering the first New year greetings to the people of the world at the “crossroads of the world”. In 2016, its low-sugar version and sugar-free version of the herbal tea, again became a huge hit at the summer Davos Forum.

In May, 2016, Nature magazine also issued a special report on the herbal tea culture of Wanglaoji named ‘A 188-year Journey of Internationalization and Technological Renovation'.

Nowadays, Wanglaoji exports its products across 60 countries and regions and has its trademark registered therein. With more than 6 million sales outlets around the world, Wanglaoji has apparently become the No.1 Chinese Beverage.

Following on from the success of Wanglaoji, GPHL launched Baiyunshan natural mineral water, which  has been well received among the public to date.


Steve Marcopoto, chairman of Time Inc., at the signing ceremony.

Chinese pharmaceutical company opens a dialogue with the world

By February, 2017, GPHL has attended in Davos Forum 5 times. Li Chuyuan, the Chairman of GPHL, advocated at the Davos Forum promoting the development of health industry by making good use of TCM and sharing the benefits with more people.

Along with its attendance of the APEC and Davos as well as Wanglaoji’s appearance at the United Nations headquarters and Times Square, GPHL’s voice has been gradually spread around the world. When the Prime Minister came to Laos, the local people welcomed him with Wanglaoji herbal tea, which, again, showed the progress made in the internationalization of Wanglaoji. Through a constant dialogue with the world, GPHL has demonstrated the image of an excellent Chinese enterprise.  

Looking to the future, GPHL will continue its strategy of going global by facilitating the offshore registration of outstanding Chinese products and overseas development of Wanglaoji herbal tea, Baiyunshan Jinge and Huatuo Zaizao Pills. It is dedicated to increasing the Group export volume and establishing a Wanglaoji herbal tea museum overseas, driving industrial development through cultural construction. Meanwhile, GPHL will actively try to attract talent regarding technological innovation and capital cooperation.

GPHL is striving to enter the 100 Billion Club in 2017 and become listed as one of the Fortune Global 500 Enterprises focused on pharmacy, medical care, health products, health service and commercial logistics by 2020.

(Translator: Cheryl Ma; Editors: Simon Haywood, Olivia Yang, Monica Liu)