Documentary on traditional Chinese medicine doctors begins shooting

2019-09-16 11:00:55 Xinhua Xinhua

A documentary about the life stories of legendary traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors has recently begun shooting in Beijing.

The eight-episode documentary, divided into four parts, focuses on the life and work of four outstanding doctors who established their reputation as master practitioners of TCM in the 1930s.

The four doctors, namely Xiao Longyou, Shi Jinmo, Kong Bohua and Wang Fengchun, were hailed as the "four masters of medicine in Beijing" by later generations for their unmatched medical skills as well as their ethical conduct.

Consisting of interviews, archive footage and other materials, the documentary aims to retrace the lives of the doctors in a way that appeals to all audiences, said Zhou Bing, director of the documentary.

Jointly produced by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, China Media Group and others, the documentary is a part of "Century Masters," a documentary series about the iconic Chinese cultural figures of the 20th century that first aired in 2012.