GPHL launches a heavyweight new product at 2019 CPEO

2019-08-21 17:19:01 GPHL GPHL

From August 12th to 17th, 2019, China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Co-operation and Development Organization Summit (CPEO Summit) was held in Bo’ao, Hainan. CPEO attracted major pharmaceutical, commercial, investment, R&D, technology, medical care, health services, finance and insurance companies and organizations in the healthcare industry, providing forward-looking and systematic insight for the industry and facilitating information sharing.

GPHL’s chairman Li Chuyuan makes a speech during the award ceremony.

GPHL, the largest pharmaceutical conglomerate in China, was naturally invited. At the summit, GPHL’s chairman Li Chuyuan received a special award for his industrial leadership and achievements in exploring future of healthcare industry. Executives from large pharmaceutical chains conveyed their best wishes.

Executives from large pharmaceutical chains conveyed their best wishes.

At CPEO Summit, GPHL launched Baishikang® Jiaogulan Zongdai Pian produced by Hutchison Whampoa Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chinese Medicine Company Limited (HGB). Baishikang® Jiaogulan Zongdai Pian preserves the maximum active ingredients, ensures high absorption, effectively reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and reverses liver damage. This product has received a patent for prevention and treatment of fatty liver conditions.

Zhang Chunbo, Vice GM of GPHL, makes a speech.

Guests take a photo at the launch ceremony for HGB’s Baishikang®

In addition, GPHL joined hands with around 2,600 Nepstar drugstores across China, including about 800 pharmacies in Guangdong, to organize a GPHL Herbal Tea Culture Festival. Nepstar will display and promote GPHL’s herbal tea products for free. In the future, GPHL will work together with more pharmacy chains to promote Chinese medicine culture.

Launch ceremony for the First GPHL Herbal Tea Culture Festival

Author: Michelle Wang

Editors: Monica Liu, Simon Haywood