Wanglaoji joins hands with DuPont to drive the development of health industry

2017-10-09 16:47:52 GPHL GPHL

Wanglaoji has entered the probiotic market and launched the first active probiotic products for children.

12 March 2017 marked the 2017 Wanglaoji Product Release Press Conference held in Ji Park, the Wanglaoji base for science education by Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Wanglaoji). At the press conference, Wanglaoji announced it would enter the probiotic market and work with DuPont to launch the first Sangongzai Probiotic Drink Mix.

Meanwhile, it also launched new and improved Jingpin Baoji Pills (for dispelling internal heat and detoxing), segmenting the market of enterogastritis medicine and satisfying people’s individual needs when traveling.

The launches of Sangongzai Probiotic Drink Mix and Jingpin Baoji Pills are considered as  important achievements of Wanglaoji’s Food and Drug Diverse Upgrade Strategy, which originates from the company’s marketing insight and has received a great deal of attention from the public.  


Sangongzai aims to lead the promising probiotic market in China.

Wanglaoji and DuPont have been carrying out strategic cooperation on probiotics regarding technology, supply chain and market. Sangongzai Probiotic Drink Mix is one of the results of this cooperation. Reportedly, this product belongs to the newly launched series of Sangongzai products by Wanglaoji targeting the market segments of OTC, e-commerce and mother and child supplies.

Undoubtedly, DuPont is a leading authority in the field of probiotics, holding multiple patents for ensuring the ongoing relevance of probiotics. According to Liu Weibin, the general manager of DuPont Nutrition and Health Department in Greater China, DuPont has high expectations for the cooperation with Wanglaoji and believes that together they can bring quality products to Chinese consumers.

It is known that Sangongzai Probiotic Drink Mix adopts the exclusive imported active probiotics developed by DuPont, which have better stability and a higher survival rate than other probiotics on the market (such as lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 and bifidobacterium lactis HN019).

The representative of Wanglaoji believed that the collaboration with DuPont on the R&D of new probiotic products would strengthen the technological competence of Wanglaoji and provide impetus for the company to go international.  


Jingpin corners the market

As a famous classic Wanglaoji product, Baoji Pills has undergone a significant packaging upgrade, which stems from the company’s marketing insight towards consumer habits. The Nielson report noted that China will embrace another round of essential consumption reform—the pursuit of a high-quality lifestyle will become a new normal, which will spur the growth of the consumer goods market and facilitate an upward trend in consumption. Along with this trend, the market will be continuously divided. As a result of this research, Wanglaoji has developed new portable tin-box packaging for Jingpin Baoji Pills.

The incidence of gastrointestinal disease is statistically ranked 2nd among all the chronic diseases, accounting for 10-12% of the total population. The market data shows that the market capacity of enterogastritis medicine is enlarging and thus the demand for tailored products is increasing. Therefore, traditional Chinese patent medicine, with unique treatment effects and minimal side effects, have a bright prospects in the market of gastrointestinal disease prevention and treatment.

Furthermore, Wanglaoji's Baoji Pills, established in 1896, has a history dating back 121 years, deemed as a household drug throughout China and Southeast Asia. The marketing representative from Wanglaoji said that the newly launched Jingpin Baoji Pills were mainly intended for people to take with them when traveling in case of any gastrointestinal problems.

In this new era of fast-paced lifestyles, and frequent travel, via the high-tech process of  microwave drying, an old product has been perfectly transformed into a must-have item for when on the road. It is believed that the entrance of Jingpin Baoji Pills to the market will definitely set the trend for TCM’s future application to gastrointestinal disease.


(Translator: Cheryl Ma; Editors: Simon Haywood, Olivia Yang, Monica Liu)