GPHL joins hands with county of Chongqing in herb cultivation and health industry

2018-12-21 16:31:47 GPHL GPHL

Jian Zexi, Party Chief of Shizhu, a county of Chongqing, led a delegation to visit GPHL on December 19th, and signed a cooperative agreement after a meeting with Li Chuyuan, President of GPHL and senior managers of GPHL’s subsidiaries.

Qian Zexi said Shizhu embraces suitable topography and climate for Chinese herb plantations. It’s a famous for coptis chinensis and brasenia schreberi plantation, and its products are sold to Southeast Asia and Japan. “In recent years, Shizhu has been developing its health+tourism industry which is in line with GPHL’s development,” he said.

After a discussion on herb plantations, product process, sales and R&D, GPHL and Shizhu reached consensus and signed a cooperative agreement.

Li Chuyuan said the cooperation will expand GPHL’s market share in Southwest China while helping Shizhu to develop its local economy. In the future, GPHL will take advantage of its industrial and technological strengths to push forward the settlement of joint projects.