GPHL smashes 110 million RMB in sales during shopping festival

2018-11-16 13:45:58 GPHL GPHL

The annual shopping madness, also known as Double 11 or Singles Day, just ended on Nov 11th. Within24 hours, GPHL’s online sales volume hit 110 million yuan, up 22 percent on last year.

Due to a series of sales strategies, more than 20 types of GPHL products worth 1.2 million yuan were out of stock in 3 minutes. Baiyunshan Jinge (commonly known as Chinese Viagra) was in great demand, its sales figures reaching 150 thousand yuan in just 10 minutes and 900 thousand yuan for the whole day.

Ganoderma lucidum spore oil (used for immunity adjustment, helping to inhibit tumor growth) and Shu Jin Jian Yao Wan were also popular, respectively with sales figures of 200 thousand yuan and 180 thousand yuan.

As the biggest pharmaceutical manufacturer in China, GPHL sells its products on three major online retail platforms including T-mall, and through a WeChat service account. To boost sales during the shopping festival, GPHL adopted various strategies to attract customers.

During Double 11, GPHL launched a huge sales promotion which allowed consumers to purchase popular products at deep discount with lowest prices of just 1 yuan. It also designed a mini game to offer discounts and encourage people to share the products they like through social media.

E-commerce is a key strategy that GPHL has adopted to pursue new development routes. is one of the country’s first batch of online drug stores to have received a business certificate and to support payment via heath insurance.    

In addition, GPHL signed cooperative agreements with and to further tie in e-commerce with pharmaceuticals.