GPHL president attends 2018 Global Fortune Tech Forum

2018-12-13 13:26:34 GPHL GPHL

The 2018 Fortune Global Tech Forum was held in Guangzhou from November 29th to 30th, on the theme of “innovation in the age of artificial intelligence (AI)”. It attracted more than 200 representatives from Fortune 500 enterprises and start-ups.

Guangzhou was made the permanent home of the Fortune Global Tech Forum at it’s inception in 2017 and is now one of Guangzhou’s most iconic international events. The forum provides an arena in which to discuss topics such as AI, Fintech, AI Global cooperation, smart mobility, aiming to shed light into the ongoing innovation revolution in China and build an international business environment which is attractive to global players.

Li Chuanyuan, GPHL President, and Li Hong, Manager General of Baiyunshan, attended the forum’s opening ceremony. As a sponsor of this year’s forum, Wanglaoji herbal tea and Baiyun Mountain mineral water were the forum’s official drinks.

This was not the first time Wanglaoji herbal tea has appeared at the Fortune Global Forum. When the forum was first held in Guangzhou in 2017, GPHL was a strategic partner and sponsored the “future of medical care” roundtable. As the forum’s designated herbal tea, Wanglaoji won over guests with its unique flavour.

Furthermore, at this year’s forum, Li Hong was appointed as the judge of the “biotech and medical care” competition and was invited to joined the discussion on “AI and medical care”.Li said AI has brought great changes to the pharmaceutical industry, and its application  can greatly shorten the time needed for the R&D of new drugs. “GPHL has always been at the forefront of R&D and advanced technology application. We have adopted AI technology to analyze patients ' condition and provide services, and launched the smart pharmacy, which has effectively shortened waiting times and increased the accuracy of prescription," Li said.

According to the company, GPHL has been focusing on biological research, and actively using AI, information tech and emerging technologies to boost development over recent years.

Last year, GPHL received permission from the China Food and Drug Administration to conduct clinical trials with Ceftriamidine Sodium and Ceftriamidine Sodium for Injection, a new drug to treat pneumonia. The drug is the only new class 1.1 cephalosporin drug to have gained this permit over the past two decades. It was also granted a US patent and two Chinese patents.

GPHL also has an ongoing cooperation with smart manufacturers and online retailers ingcluding Midea, IFLYTEK and Alibaba, with the purpose to explore the “Internet+Pharmaceuticals” model.

Benefiting from activity in both domestic and overseas markets, GPHL achieved a sales revenue of 87.203 billion yuan, up 11.82 percent, and a total profit of 4.004 billion yuan, up 50.47 percent. Its listed subsidiary, Baiyunshan, saw its operating income reaching 29.876 billion yuan, up 87.11 percent, the net profit attributed to the company's shareholders reaching 3.439 billion yuan, up 131.5 percent.