GPHL teams up with Lingnan Group to boost “tourism+healthcare” business

2018-11-03 12:28:07 GPHL GPHL

On October 30th, GPHL and Lingnan Group, two giant enterprises in Guangzhou, signed a cooperative agreement to integrate resources in marketing, sales, exhibition, procurement and supply chain, and seize the opportunities in fields of food, healthcare and tourism, especially in the emerging healthcare tourism business.

According to the agreement, GPHL and Lingnan Group will join hands to develop and promote Guangzhou’s traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) tourist attractions, making use of GPHL’s TCM museums (Shennong Herbal Garden, Chenliji Museum and Caizhilin Museum) and Lingnan’s strengths in tourist marketing, product developing and client resources.

The two giants will also utilize their long-lasting brands including Wanglaoji, Pangaoshou and King of Kings to improve the annual “China Time Honored Brands Expo” in scale and quality, expecting to help upgrade and activate more long-lasting local brands.

In addition, they will develop a “Guangzhou Souvenir” brand and jointly promote their flagship products.

In fact, this is not the first cooperation between two enterprises. Shennong Herbal Garden has become a tourist destination of ecwalk, the tourist agency under the umbrella of Lingnan. Wanglaoji herbal tea is being sold through Lingnan’s hotels, exhibitions, restaurants and convenience stores.

Lingnan Group is the biggest tourist service provider in South China with four major businesses including tourism, hotel, food and exhibition. It owns a series of renowned brands such as ecwalk, Garden Hotel and King of Kings.