The Research on Ganoderma Lucidums Spores Oil Led by the Academician

2017-08-31 14:23:41 GPHL GPHL

Chinese medicines originate from nature. People lived in the harsh conditions with low levels of technology and medicine in the early historical times, and always suffered from diseases. Their emperor Shen Nong Shi was anxious about what he saw and heard. Then he tried to save his people and travelled around everywhere to taste hundreds of grass to test their medical effect. He realized that if herbs tasted bitter, sweet, pungent, or sour, they could be cold, tonic, heat, or appetizing, based on which he taught people to apply herbs according to indications.

With the development of Chinese medicine research, physicians found that properties and effects of Chinese medicines would be varied in accordance with locations, seasons and environments in which they grew. Therefore, Chinese medicines can be classified as southern medicines and northern medicines. Basically, medicines growing south or north of the Yangtze River can be separately called "southern medicines" or "northern medicines".

Among them, four famous northern medicines are ginseng, licorice, astragalus and scutellaria, and four famous southern medicines are betelnut, fructus alpiniae oxyphyllae, amomum villosum and morinda officinalis. Meanwhile, the classification is not applied to some medicines. For instance, Ganoderma lucidum can both grow in the region south of the Yangtze River such as Hunan, Zhejiang and etc., and grow in the region north of the Yangtze River such as Jilin, Heilongjiang and etc.


Ancient people climbed mountains to seek ganoderma lucidum.

Ganoderma lucidum is the well-known precious Chinese medicine, about which historical legends and poems are too numerous to mention individually. Ganoderma lucidum was recorded in Folk Songs in Han Dynasty Changgexing , in which the magic effects of Ganoderma lucidum such as longevity and fitness were mainly praised, and normally Ganoderma lucidum was treated as immortal medicine in the folk.

In the household fairy tale The Legend of the White Snake, when White Lady showed her true nature after drinking realgar wine in Dragon Boat Festival, her husband Xu Xian was scared to death. Then White Lady was eager to save her husband's life and went alone to Emei Mountain for ganoderma lucidum immortal grass. She experienced all kinds of hardships and perils during the journey, and even had been nearly killed by cranes in charge of protecting the Ganoderma lucidum.

Finally, Great Emperor of Longevity of the South Pole was moved and gave her the Ganoderma lucidum capable of resurrecting the dead. The story about White Lady's everlasting love was adapted into novels, movies and TV plays and etc.


White Lady went alone to Emei Mountain for ganoderma lucidum immortal grass.

"Guangyao Ganoderma Lucidums Spores Oil Soft Capsule" produced by Guangzhou Pharmacy Holdings Chinese Prescription Company is the ganoderma lucidm product with the most concentrated and purest active ingredients in China so far, which can obviously increase the efficacy composition of ganoderma lucidm absorption and utilization rate of human body, can adequately exert ganoderma lucidm pharmacological effects including anti-tumor, sedation, cardiac strengthen, adjusting lipidemia, hypoglycemic action, relieving asthma, liver protection, anti-hypoxia, anti-aging and etc., and thus it can achieve clinical therapeutic effect, as well as can be well applied to longevity and daily health care.

Guangzhou Pharmacy Baiyunshan appointed Academician Sun Yan, the founder of Chinese Medical Oncology, as the chief scientist on 9 March 2016. Moreover, the cooperation with National Antineoplastic Agents Clinical Trial Research Center was also achieved, and the research team was led by Academician Sun Yan.

The research team developed the multicenter and large sample study of tumor immunity clinical medical, taking Guangyao Ganoderma Lucidums Spores Oil Soft Capsule as the research object, in order to obtain reliable evidence which can prove the key effect of Ganoderma lucidums spores oil on improving tumor patients' immunity during the tumor treatment, supporting the healthy energy to increase efficacy and decrease toxicity, and significantly improving tumor patients' quality of life. Therefore, the research has the vital core meaning for the application of Ganoderma lucidums spores oil in tumor immunotherapy.

Academician Sun Yan of Chinese Academy of Engineering is a leading expert in the field of Chinese Clinical Oncology, as the founder, pioneer and academic leader of Chinese Medical Oncology. He integrated the treatment rule of "supporting the healthy energy" in Chinese medicine and modern Clinical Immunology, and already made tremendous achievements and prominent contributions in the field of Chinese tumor immunotherapy.