Wanhua Oil Effective on Bruises and Wounds

2018-05-31 17:15:26 GPHL GPHL

Guangzhou Jing Xiu Tang was started in Qing Dynasty Qianlong 55 (AD 1790). When the founder Qian Shutian set up Jing Xiu Tang, he may hardly expect that the private Chinese medicine shop with "front factory and back shop" could be still full of vigor and vitality after 227-year transition.

In the period of Qianlong of Qing Dynasty, Thirteen-hong of Guangzhou was the famous trade port and the necessary way to Maritime Silk Road. A Zhejiang businessman named Qian Shutian often carried silk from Ningbo to Guangzhou. He was also an herbalist except a businessman, familiar with Chinese medicine knowledge. He always produced pills, powder, plaster and elixir which he gave to patients who he accidently met on the journey and he could cure many complicated diseases. Particularly he had high-spirited medical ethics and was deeply respected by more people from farther distance and there were more and more legends about him. At that time, Tang was different from medicine shop.

"Tang" was a pharmacy with doctors on service, but "medicine shop" was a just shop without doctors. When Qian Shutian came to Guangzhou, he was asked to provide medical service if he was free, because many people knew he had a certain level of Treatment.

In the city, a rich merchant's son suffered from seriously illness. Even though the family had found famous doctors around the town, the son's disease lasted long time and he was dying, which made the whole family in a state of anxiety. Qian Shutian used scraping  therapy as an external treatment and home-made "Hui Chun Pill" as the internal medicine, and then cured the son. Because the rich merchant was very grateful to him for saving the son, and was moved by his high-spirited medical virtue, he supported Qian to open a medical shop, which was the predecessor of Jing Xiu Tang. The medical shop was located at Taipingqiao in the South City of Guangzhou and also nowadays Renmin South Road No.175, with the name "Jing Xiu Tang". The moral of the name is "working hard, developing wisdom, and helping people". Later Qian Shutian called his brand "Yuan Tian" and it means having money and lands.

Someone ever described Jing Xiu Tang in one word, "A bottle of Wanhua Oil helps people in the whole country." In the folk society, it is particularly said that "with Wanhua Oil at home no worries about bruises and wounds". Dieda Wanhua Oil has some origin in Hong Xi Guan's student. Cai Zhong, Hong Xi Guan's student, born in a poor family but dedicated, learned both martial arts and Shaolin School Medicine. Because he always got bruises and wounds happened in the practice of martial arts and he wanted to treat himself, he produced one kind of oil, which was made of more than 100 sorts of Chinese medicine materials as the predecessor of Dieda Wanhua Oil. Later he sent the oil prescription to Jing Xiu Tang for free. Until now, Wanhua Oil includes 86 Chinese medicines selected according to the Prescription.

In 1976, the old shop was extended in Renmin South Road, and workers found a big black stone board when they digged the foundation. The company asked archaeologists to distinguish it and discovered that the stone tablet was established in Qing Dynasty Guangxu 9 (AD 1883), and its contents involving Jing Xiu Tang have 9 aspects, including benefits distribution, dividend approach, how to maintain the enterprise, human resource management and prescription management. For instance, regarding human resource management, the Qian's wouldn't appointed one child as the successor, but required their descendents to practice at grassroots organizations and would select the best one as the successor. From the contents of the stone tablet, you can see that modern enterprise management ideal had been in the predecessors' hands of Jing Xiu Tang a century ago.

What Jing Xiu Tang people inherited after more than 200 years is for one simple purpose: producing effective medicines. From its birth to nowadays, Jing Xiu Tang people always have insisted on its founder Qian Shutian's ideal of curing the sick people. Thus they work hard to contribute to society, proceed from people's health, and adhere to technological innovation for the benefit of humanity. Through marketing innovation and extension, they constantly increase market share and sales. The century brand "Jing Xiu Tang" is more and more shining in the market wave.

Jing Xiu Tang Dieda Wanhua Oil is the essential effective medicine for martial artists.