Family Expired Medicine Collection Mechanism

2018-04-04 11:10:38 GPHL GPHL

Since Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa Limited was established, the high product quality assurance has become the most important cornerstone of Baiyunshan brand, on which all-dimentional marketing strategy is advanced. The endless pursuit of product quality makes Baiyunshan get industry approval.

"We have confidence in the quality of Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa Limited." Technical Director and Manager of Quality Assurance Department of Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa Limited, Cheng Yonghong said. The confidence comes from the whole production process in pursuit of product quality details. In his memory, Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa Limited ever destroyed a batch of almost more than 1000 products in 2007, but the reason is that the quality hidden trouble of one in ten thousand probability occurred by a sudden blackout.

Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa Limited took the lead in rolling out five-star quality assurance system around the country in 2006, which took "three-level quality assurance system" enacted by the government as the basis, and extended to raw material production of medicine before production and to post-sales service management after production.

Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings launched family expired medicine collection mechanism.

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings collected over 1,600 ton expired medicines in the decade.

However, in Li Chuyuan's view, with the development of market economy, medicine quality assurance and safe usage have more and more connection with the outside conditions of supplying and sending raw materials except production links. Thus the higher standard as "good quality assurance" would be necessary if the people were really supplied with assured medicine. Li Chuyuan's opinion is embedded in family expired medicine collection mechanism which Baiyunshan has already insisted on for a decade.

"From 9:00 am on 11 March to 9:00 on am 12 March, 1072.6 kilogram expired medicine have been collected by Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings who set a new record of the maximum collection of medicine in 24 hours!" On 14 March 2014, Guinness Authentication Official Miss Li declared that a new world record was set by the recycling activity of family expired medicines insisted on by Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings for ten years. People may not know that the world record got by Chinese enterprise in public welfare for the first time just arose from the SARS epidemic which ever swept across more than 30 countries and regions a decade ago.

Time changed back to a decade before, and Radix Isatidis was out of stock across the country in the specter of SARS. However, after the SARS epidemic, the hoarding medicine still at people's home for ten years faced the problem of being expired. That's what caught Li Chuyuan's attention, then General Manager of Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa Limited.

He thought if food expired we could throw it off, but expired medicine should not be thrown anywhere, which caused environment pollution and would be as dangerous as hard drugs if unscrupulous traders got them. In order to understand the situation of family expired medicine, Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa Limited launched an investigation into medical kits.

"The investigation report was in the hand soon after, but I felt more and more heavy at heart." The results were less than ideal. The expired date of 30% to 40% family medicines was more than 3 years, and 82.8% family did not have the habit of cleaning expired medicines regularly.

"Referring to the danger that consumers may not be aware of, it is necessary for the enterprise to provide tracking and security service." Thus, Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa Limited officially set up "family expired medicine collection (free replacement medicine) mechanism" to replace consumers' expired medicines at their home in March 2005. It was the first instance of the mechanism in the nation and the world and aroused strong repercussions among people. It is most unexpected that Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings has insisted on the activity at huge cost for ten years.

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings input expenses more than 800 million yuan and collected over 1,600 ton expired medicines in the decade. When Li Chuyuan is asked how long they could go on, he always firmly said, "We will implement the mechanism as our corporate basic policy. We will make Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings' love never expired."

The medicine will expire but love is forever, and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings cares for people intimately forever.