Chinese Medicine Holding Football's Hands

2018-03-02 16:06:10 GPHL GPHL

"Chinese medicine and the football may at first sound like totally unrelated, but they have fantastically profound historical origin and substantial connection. 'Chinese medicine football' even has a rich connotation and profound cultural foundation, and also plays a specific guidance role on Chinese football development." In February 2009, at the 10th GPHL marketing club salon activity and branch launching ceremony, Li Chuyuan showed everyone a "Cuju", football with the most ancient history like Chinese medicine. Li Chuyuan explained the inherent relationship between Chinese medicine and football in a simple way, and then made participants filled with wisdom.

GPHL led by Li Chuyuan creatively puts forward that the compass, papermaking, movable type printing and gunpowder are the four great inventions in ancient China, and Chinese medicine actually has the reason to become the fifth great invention parallel with football. Chinese medicine comes mostly from vegetables, animals and minerals in nature, which belongs to natural medicine. According to Chinese medical theory about Yin-Yang and Five Elements, viscera, Qi and blood, based on Chinese medicine classification on "Siqi", four characters (cold, hot, warm and cool), and "Wuwei", five tastes (sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty), "Peiwu"(composing team through mutual collocation, means compound prescriptions) are formed through monarch, minister, assistant and guide, and thus the aim of curing diseases and improving health can be achieved better.

Moreover, sports health is absolutely essential to the methods of medical care. It is the traditional perspective of Chinese medicine health care and fitness that "the body in movement lasts long", and modern medicine also thinks that life is movement. French doctor Tissot ever indicated, "Athletics can be a substitute for any medication in terms of its function, but any medication in the world can't be a substitute for athletics." Football , known as the most popular game in the world, can not only raise the metabolic rate of the body, make each organ full of vitality, and slow the natural aging process, but also is particularly beneficial to cardiovascular, respiratory and skeletal system.

Now the proposal of the concept of "Chinese medicine football" is the result of the subject intersection, infiltration, integration and innovation between Chinese medicine and football, and also has the profound historical basis and forward-looking practical significance. "Sports medicine system with Chinese characteristics has existed ever since the ancient times. How to delay the emergence of fatigue and promote the recovery from fatigue is always the focuses of sports medicine study, and is precisely the strengths of Chinese medicine hospital." In Li Chuyuan's conception, there is not only "Chinese medicine football" that can feed medical industry, but also there is "football Chinese medicine" that can nourish football. Vehement and fierce football tournament, strong physical strength consumption and physical characteristics of Chinese determine the earnest pursuit of "football Chinese medicine".

Once "Chinese medicine football, football Chinese medicine" as the main axis of the mutual promotion and the mutual development between football and principal business was determined, Li Chuyuan took full advantage of the unique characters of football as the first popular sport in the world, such as wide involvement and social attention, the powerful communication ability and appeal, the most obviously expression of people's enthusiastic participation and brave struggle uplifting spirit, and then succeeded in allying Guangzhou Pharmacy Holdings' ideal of principal business with characters of football. Thus the "seamless joint" of cause marketing and sport marketing is realized during the whole process of positioning, associating, identifying, promoting and communicating.

In March 2009, Guangzhou Pharmacy Baiyunshan Football Team held expeditions swearing meeting for 2009 season of Chinese Super League at Chinese Medicine Culture Popularization Base, "Shennong Cao Tang". The chairman of Guangzhou Pharmacy Football Club Li Chuyuan and Director of the Sports Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality Liu Jiangnan presented a flower basket to Chinese medicine ancestor Yandi.

Every player of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Football Team used yellow Chrysanthemums to worship Huangdi, the creator of Cuju, and then profound cultural heritage was deeply planted in their hearts and minds.

In addition, the first Forum of advocating Chinese medicine football and revitalizing Chinese football was jointly hosted by "Chinese medicine football" and Henan Construction. The idea of "Chinese medicine football" is heading out of South China to the country, which dropped a huge stone into Chinese football's pool of dead water, and stirred huge waves shocking the entire football-circle.

Chinese medicines hold football's hands.