Freshly brewed Wanglaoji herbal tea sold in Guangzhou

2018-02-13 17:26:03 GPHL GPHL

In 1828, the first Wanglaoji herbal tea store was opened by Wang Zebang in Guangzhou;

In 1925, Wanglaoji herbal tea went on sale in numerous foreign countries and sold at 5-10 dollars per tin in the USA;

In 2010, canned Wanglaoji herbal tea outsold canned cola for the first time and has since become a household brand;

In 2017, four ‘1828 Wanglaoji’ fresh brewed herbal tea stores opened for business in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou.

After 190 years of inheritance and innovation, Wanglaoji is now dedicated to making a nice cup of fresh brewed herbal tea.

Inside the Gourd

Walking into ‘1828 Wanglaoji’, the first thing you see is the ‘Inside the Gourd’ display area. Inside the gourds are the featured teas of ‘1828 Wanglaoji’. You can see the herbal ingredients for each kind of the herbal tea it’s respective gourd.

People always say good medicine tastes bitter, but Wanglaoji freshly brewed herbal tea is slightly sweet without reducing its efficacy.

Served quickly

You can get your cup of herbal tea in about 90 seconds at ‘1828 Wanglaoji’. The concentrated liquor used in making herbal tea is first boiled in the early morning and kept in insulating barrels. This makes sure customers can get a cup of fresh brewed herbal tea asap.

In addition to herbal tea, you can also order herbal tea with milk, fruit tea, a white fungus broth, mango pomelo sago, moringa yogurt, handmade herb biscuits, loquat-autumn pear oils, and much more.


What’s the biggest difference between the freshly brewed herbal tea at ‘1828 Wanglaoji’ and traditional herbal tea in can or bottle? Customisation.

At ‘1828 Wanglaoji’, there is a variety of dried flowers and herbs as well as fresh ingredients, including dried rose petals, tangerine, fresh lemon, mint leaves and so on. These are the additional ingredients available to customise your herbal tea.

Each kind of fresh brewed herbal tea can be served with 4-5 extra ingredients. Some ingredients will reinforce the efficacy of the tea, some will instead make the tea even more flavourful.

Enjoy your tea

‘1828 Wanglaoji’ endeavors to provide a cup of good herbal tea to all customers. Not only can you get a quick take-out fix, you can also enjoy a more leisurely cup of tea in the comfortable café area.

All the herbal tea brewers have many years of experience in brewing before taking up the post at ‘1828 Wanglaoji’. Each herbal tea they serve has been lovingly brewed, aiming to create a better experience for you.

Locations of four ‘1828 Wanglaoji’ fresh brewed herbal tea stores in Guangzhou

● Near 7-11, No. A5, underground passage, International Finance Place (IFP), Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou (珠江新城合景国际金融广场地下通道自编A5号)

● Behind Vanguard Supermarket, No. 06-07, 891 Market, Northern Area of Mall of the World, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou (花城汇北区891街市1000自编06-07号)

● Inside Best Food Court, No. A05, ME30 Shop, basement level, Central Area of Mall of the World, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou (花城汇中区负一层ME30商铺自编A05号)

● Near Burger King, No. C21, No. 3001, basement level, Southern Area of Mall of the World, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou (花城汇南区负一层3001号自编号C21)

Nearby metro station: Zhujiang New Town, Line 3 or 5

(Author: Monica Liu; Editors: Simon Haywood, Olivia Yang)