China to launch TCM pilot projects on myopia prevention

2022-01-30 17:39:17 Xinhua Xinhua

China will introduce pilot projects in 2022 to use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in preventing and controlling myopia in children and adolescents, an industry watchdog said Saturday.

The information was disclosed at a meeting of the National Administration of TCM that was attended by the heads of TCM authorities at various levels.

The move targeting myopia is among a series of planned measures to optimize the supply of TCM health services in the New Year, according to the meeting.

The country will also continue with trials on building national and regional TCM medical centers, as well as selecting and building TCM rehabilitation centers.

With regard to the trials for clinical collaboration between Chinese and Western medicine in treating major and difficult diseases, a total of 50 plans for diagnosis and treatment through the integration of Chinese and Western medicine are expected to be formulated this year.

The national administration also pledged to strengthen TCM research and innovation, as well to advance the building of the sector's evidence-based medicine center.