Latest update on visiting a hospital in Guangzhou

2022-03-17 15:43:23

Due to the changing epidemic situation, several medical institutions in Guangzhou have released service reminders.

Those with a travel history to medium and high risk areas, or areas with COVID-19 positive cases reported within 14 days, shall provide a negative nucleic acid testing certificate within 72 hours. Residents with a history traveling outside Guangdong are advised to complete a nucleic acid test before going to see a doctor.

For patients seeking for medical services in otolaryngology, ophthalmology and stomatology, most hospitals require a negative nucleic acid test result within the preceding 7 days. For patients in need of high-risk invasive operations or special treatments (hemodialysis, tumor chemoradiotherapy, etc.), some hospitals require patients to hold a negative nucleic acid test result within 3 days.

Please consult with the hospital and make an appointment in advance before going to the hospital.

Author | Jiang Chang (intern), Hannah

Editor | Wing, Nan, Will, Jerry