Guangzhou launches free HPV vaccination for girls under 15

2022-02-18 15:37:33

Guangzhou has recently issued a work plan to provide free HPV vaccination for school-age girls in Guangzhou from 2022 to 2024.

According to the plan, HPV vaccination will be provided for girls under the age of 14 with a student status in Guangzhou during the next three years, who have entered the first grade of junior high school and have not been vaccinated against Human Papillomavirus. Domestic bivalent HPV vaccineswill be offered in accordance with the principles of “informed consent, voluntary and free of charge”.

Health departments of all districts and education departments will carry out the vaccinations from September to November every year, and financial departments at all levels will arrange funds to subsidize the project.

The vaccination programme aims to raise the awareness of cervical cancer prevention and control among target population. By reducing the incidence of cervical cancer, the project intends to improve the health level of women, and gradually realize the goal to let 90% of girls under the age of 15 get vaccinated by 2030.

Author | Hannah

Editor | Wing, Olivia, Abby, Jerry