One H5N6 case reported in Huizhou

2022-01-10 15:28:56

Huizhou reported one H5N6 case on January 7, according to the Health Commission of Guangdong Province.

The patient is a 43 years old female living in Zhongkai District, who is in a critical condition and currently undergoing treatment in a designated hospital in Huizhou.

According to experts, this case is deemed as a random case, the risk of transmission of the virus is low at the current stage.

Experts remind, residents should continue to stay vigilant and take the following measures to prevent H5N6 and other bird flu.

·Wash your hands after touching poultry, before eating, and after going to the toilet.

·Make sure poultry and eggs must be cooked before eating.

·If you have respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough, headache, and malaise, it’s suggested to go to the nearest medical institution as soon as possible. Inform the doctor if you have been in contact with poultry before.

·Do not eat dead poultry meat.

·Do not buy poultry and bird products of unknown origin.

·Avoid going to live poultry markets as much as possible.

Author | Hannah

Editor | Steven