Zhong Nanshan on IHU and Spring Festival travel

2022-01-08 15:26:05 Newsgd.com Newsgd.com

Currently, the COVID-19 variant strains of Delta and Omicron are spreading worldwide. A new variant of the so-called "IHU" strain has been reported in France.

"Variant strains are generally more transmissible, but not necessarily more virulent."

On January 6, Zhong Nanshan, the academic of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, shared his latest research and judgment on the current COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control situation at the themed sharing meeting of the first Zhong Nanshan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award.

(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

Zhong Nanshan said vaccines continue to fight against the virus through antibodies. However, the virus is also looking for the most suitable survival conditions. "It is too early to tell whether the IHU strain will become a dominant virus like Delta. We need to keep a close watch on new strains, where transmissibility and virulence are two key elements."

Regarding the epidemic prevention and control situation in China, Zhong Nanshan said that Xi'an has seen a turning point, with the highest daily increase of 175 cases down to 63 on January 5. "The rigorous containment, prevention, and control measures taken locally have worked," he said.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, many people are concerned about whether they could return to their hometowns this year. In this regard, Zhong believes that low-risk areas do not need to be completely shut down. "China's two-dose vaccination rate has exceeded 86 percent, and people have a strong awareness of prevention and control, so there is no need for a nationwide lockdown during the Spring Festival holiday."

Author | Jiang Chang (intern)

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