Two GPHL employees win the title of Great National Craftsmen

2021-12-20 19:11:29 GPHL GPHL

On December 13th, the China Energy and Chemical Geology Trade Union launched a learning programme entitled 'Great National Craftsmen—Energy and Chemical Geology Category' (Season 7) and selected the 'Great National Craftsmen'. The honorary title of Great National Craftsmen in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sectors was bestowed upon two GPHL employees—Liu Yunzhong from Guangzhou General Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Su Jianming from Guangzhou Baiyunshan Jingxiutang Pharmaceutical Co. In China, only 12 frontline workers in geology, energy, and petrochemical industries and otherwise received this recognition.

Liu Yunzhong

Su Jianming

17 years ago, Su Jianming started his career as a frontline operator at GPHL and then took a maintainer apprenticeship. He is now leading the team of maintainers who ensure the smooth running of workshops.

In 2008, a capping machine to produce inner stoppers for Trauma Pain Relieving Oil malfunctioned, causing a big loss in packaging materials. The manufacturer was unable to fix the problem. At the workshop, Su's team carefully analysed the reasons for failure, made a series  of experiments for comparison, and eventually found the solution. A sensor was installed at the appropriate location to improve both the quality of products and productivity.

In addition, he has developed the technology of extension I/O interfaces and monitored devices remotely via Aliyun, Alibaba's cloud computing service. His technological breakthrough obtained a patent. He also learnt how to use 3D design software through self-learning and then worked on mechanical engineering to meet the company's needs and to flexibly contribute to efficient production.

The Yuan Tian Jiang Xin Studio founded by Su Jianming has set up a project-driven innovation group. Now the group has more than 20 outstanding members with expertise in machine design, electrical and electronics, etc. They have carried out more than 10 innovation projects for the company in 2020 and 2021, laying the foundation for solving real-world problems and generating profits.

Authors: Monica & Michelle

Editors: Olivia & Jerry