Update on the asymptomatic case taking train D2284

2021-03-19 18:43:52 Newsgd.com Newsgd.com

On March 6, we reported that a passenger had taken the D2284 train on March 5 from Shenzhen to Xiamen, Fujian, passing several cities in Guangdong. After getting off the train, whilst observing home quarantine he tested positive to a nucleic acid on March 12 and was defined as an asymptomatic case on March 13.

On March 16 and 17, Huizhou’s and Shanwei’s CDC replied to citizens’ concern regarding the passenger’s close contacts. They said that according to the country’s Protocol on Prevention and Control of COVID-19 (Edition 7), based on the assessment of the passenger’s nucleic acid test result and risk of infection, there is no need to identify the passenger’s close contacts as well as sub-close contacts.

According to the Protocol, a close contact is defined as a person who has been in close contact but not taken effective prevention with a suspected or confirmed case 2 days before their symptoms appear, or with an asymptomatic case 2 days before his/her virus specimen is collected. Therefore, passengers in the same carriage with the asymptomatic case do not need to be identified as close contacts by this standard.

CDC’s Reminder

Passengers of train D2284 on March 5 should pay close attention to their health and contact the local CDC if they have any concerns. Service phone number: 0752-2873003 (Huizhou CDC), 0660-3364531(Shanwei CDC).

Citizens should wear a mask, wash hands often, and maintain social distancing. If you have a cough or fever, go to see a doctor as soon as possible.


Editor|Monica, Jerry