GPHL offers 2 million RMB worth of donations to Guangzhou Police

2021-01-13 16:47:50 GPHL GPHL

On January 4th, before the first Chinese People's Police Day, GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan and deputy chairman and general manager Yang Jun visited Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau and, on behalf of GPHL, donated 2 million RMB worth of supplies, such as Wanglaoji Herbal Tea, Ciningji, Banlangen Granules and Bupleurum Granules. Sun Taiping, deputy mayor of Guangzhou and director general of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, and Chen Yongqiu, deputy director general of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, accepted GPHL’s donations.

The donation ceremony

At the donation ceremony, Li Chuyuan expressed sincere gratitude toward Guangzhou police officers on behalf of GPHL. “2020 is an unusual year. In this year, the police officers have tried their best to fight against COVID-19, control risks, guarantee citizens’ safety and maintain stability. They have served as a deterrent to social disorder and also provided a sound business environment for the growth of GPHL,” Li Chuyuan said.

GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan gives an address.

On behalf of Guangzhou police, Sun Taiping expressed his appreciation for GPHL’s long-term support. He also thought highly of GPHL’s great effort in participating in social welfare initiatives and assuming corporate social responsibility. “Since the outbreak of crisis, GPHL has fully utilized its advantages in supply reserves and quality products to contribute to the war against COVID-19 and support police officers on the frontline,” Sun Taiping said.

Sun Taiping, deputy major of Guangzhou gives an address.

Zhang Keqin, vice president of Labour Union of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, receives donations from Li Jinyun, GPHL Labour Union president.

Putting into practice of its commitment of “Love for the world”, GPHL has launched activities of support for local police officers each year, such as offering fresh drinks in summer or giving necessities in winter.

Authors: Monica & Michelle

Editors: Olivia & Jerry