Commemorating the 420th anniversary of Chenliji's establishment

2020-11-01 17:58:03 GPHL GPHL

The year, 2020, marks the 420th anniversary of the establishment of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chenliji Pharmaceutical Factory Co., Ltd. (Chenliji) as well as its parent company, GPHL. On the afternoon of October 28th Chenliji held the ceremony for commemorating its 420th anniversary at the Chenliji Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Park.

Site of the commemorative ceremony

GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan and Chenliji chairman Shi Hongchao dot the eyes of lions with paint to ‘awaken’ them.

Chenliji chairman Shi Hongchao reviewed Chenliji’s history and achievements in his speech, mentioning that Chenliji aims to double its sales by 2025, increase brand influence, and propel the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Chenliji chairman Shi Hongchao makes a speech.

“As the oldest subsidiary in GPHL, Chenliji shall be at the forefront of the campaign to revitalize established brands. GPHL attempts to combine TCM and fashion into one by making TCM meet modern and international standards, and make TCM more understandable and accessible to the public, especially through cooperation between TCM industry and other industries”, GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan said in his speech.

GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan makes a speech.

GPHL has nine intangible cultural heritage projects. While celebrating Chenliji’s 420th anniversary, the Group held a ceremony to pass down these intangible cultural heritage projects.

The ceremony to pass down these intangible cultural heritage projects

Inheritor Shi Hongchao passed down the technique of Chenliji hand-made Big Honey Pills along with ancient treatise Master Lei on Drug Processing (《雷公炮制论》) and two processing tools a ‘grinding boat’ and a ‘pounding can’ to his disciple Sun Dong. The “Big Honey Pill” is one of Chenliji’s major products. Annual sales of Big Honey Pills for the company stand at more than 120 million a year.

Inheritor Shi Hongchao passed down Chenliji’s traditional technique to general manager Sun Dong.

During the ceremony, Li Chuyuan and other guests announced the official launch of Fashion Yupingfeng Tea Bags.

Launch ceremony of Chenliji Fashion Yupingfeng Tea Bag

Wang Yuqin, deputy head of Haizhu District of Guangzhou, gives a speech.

Chen Jiangzheng, deputy director general of SASAC of Guangzhou makes an addresses.

Li Zilian, deputy director general of Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau of Guangdong Province, delivers an address.

The chenpi (sun-dried tangerine peel) sealed storage ceremony was also held on site, kicking off Chenliji’s annual activity ‘Month of Chenpi Culture’. In addition, several intangible cultural heritage activation projects offered on-site experience, such as making pills, making chenpi tea sachets with chenpi and flowers, and making chenpi.

Company leaders and guests sign on a board for celebrating Chenliji’s 420th anniversary.

Company leaders and guests seal jars that store chenpi.

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Editors: Olivia & Jerry